08/30/2018 - 09/27/2018

New Paintings by Stephen David Ellis

Those Daze Photo book by Michelle Dean Kaminer

Ignited NY Photos by Dorte Fitschen-Rath

Gallery / Shop design by STUDIODF6 and STEVELLISTOREFRONTS Est.1999

The HOT SPOT POP SHOP is unlike any shop in our gentrifying neighborhood. This is not a delicate boutique, it is filled with dangerous and damaged goods. Paintings, photographs and product that time travel East Village history and fire up tributes to local heroes.
Photography and fiery canvases light up the space surrounding shop items like books, pillows, candle sconce sculpture and painted boom boxes. Steve’s 50 paintings of guitar picks on the wall play a visual setlist for the room. 
It’s HOT because it’s August and half of the shop is filled with fire starting lighters. Portraits of the local community of inspiring artists that will set the world on fire. The Ignited New York project rolls on thanks to Doerte Fitschen-Rath. Show duration shoot events will be announced.
The book THOSE DAZE by Michelle Dean Kaminer captures the storefront life of Steve and Michelle at the beginning of their art careers and the surrounding city inspiration.

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