Collaborative Art Show by CARRIE BEENE & CAVIER COLEMAN

1/24/2018 - 2/21/2018

About Carrie Beene:

​At 17 Carrie began studies at the Kansas City Art institute, from which she graduate in 1983. She studied painting under Professor Lester Goldman and life drawing under Professor Wilbur Niewald. The shaping of her imagery very clearly began in those early years through the influence of these fine artist/educators, a peek into the multimedia abstracts on paper were just beginning. Upon graduation Carrie left for NYC where she began immersing herself in her painting exploring the spaces and mood of 1980’s New York. Carries art was included in pop up shows in new and emerging East Village galleries. Her work was recognized by the art community around her and in 1984 she was gifted with the use of a large studio for 6 months by renown artist Julian Schnabel. That was a time of deep exploration through work on large mural sized canvases with figurative, expressionistic imagery in oil, but still in the background was the ever present experimentation on paper. In 1989 Carrie moved to Haiti remaining there developing a new eye for rhythm and color over a period of 12 years. Today Carrie’s work is the culmination of her experiences with the world and her materials. Paper has become an important element allowing the media to play in and out with each other to create the textural interlacing of a mixed media recipe of oil and water, powder and ink, graphite and charcoal and more. The imagery has turned more abstract with clear influence from the ever mysterious island of Haiti.

After an extended break from painting dedicated to becoming an expert in digital photographic retouching using Adobe’s Photoshop software Carrie began painting again in June 2014.


About Cavier Coleman:
At 19, Cavier signed his first modeling contract, and since, launched a career that spanned from the US to South Africa to New York. Learning all he could from modeling, he soon made the transition to becoming a photographer. Undeniably, a distinct style makes his work immediately noticeable in the industry as “Cavier Coleman’s. The liberal use of bright colors calls the viewer’s attention to every corner of the shot, making it impossible to ignore so much as a pixel . This attracted shoots for DNA, Request, and Ford Modeling agencies, covers for Obvious Magazine, and editorial spreads for OPPA Magazine, Rough Magazine, Complex and Interview Magazine.

Successful modeling and photography pursuits heightened his artistic interests and urged him to revisit his childhood interest, painting. Cavier says, “I remember my mother teaching the importance of having great handwriting, and I developed drawing skills from mimicking her.”

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